I’m sorry, I think you mythunderstood me

It’s kind of funny what people who should know better will say about common stone failures or issues.

Over the past several years, we have heard many stories about the reasons stone will fail, turn color, fade, and so on. Many are funny and most are just plain false. Here’s a sampling you may enjoy…

A Warped Sense of Humor

Many seasoned installers who have tried to install green marble tiles with ordinary thin set or other water-based setting materials have experienced warping problems. Here are two ways we’ve heard them explained.

1. Myth: “Green Marble will warp because it contains living plant material. As water is added to the marble, the plants start to grow and this makes the marble warp.” We nearly fell over laughing, but he wasn’t kidding. He really thought this was the reason.

2. Myth: “Green Marble will curl on the edges because the installer did not put enough setting mortar on the edges. The green marble will have a tendency to lift off the floor where there is no mortar and hence will curl.” While not quite as outrageous as the first explanation, it is still just as wrong.

Truth: The real reason green marble warps is a condition known as hysterisis. Green marble is very sensitive to moisture. When water enters the stone, it causes the marble to release any internal stress, thus causing it to warp.

Home Sweet What?

3. Myth: “Your stone floor needs to be homed!”

Truth: No, this is not a spelling mistake – the word used was “homed.” We have run into several sales people who have called the honing process “homing.” Maybe they also worked with pigeons, but we’ve never heard of homing a floor. The proper term, of course, is “HONE,” which means to abrade a stone.

“Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz…”

4. Myth: “Your stone floor has an effervescence problem.”

Truth: The key word here is “effervescence.” Let’s clear this up right now. Efflorescence is the deposit of soluble salts on the surface of the stone that is caused by water that carries the salts from the setting bed of the stone to the surface; it is often deposited as a white powder-like residue on the surface of the stone. Effervescence is what happens when something fizzes. A good example is when you drop a tablet of Alka-Seltzer into a glass of water. The fizzing is referred to as “effervescence.” We’ve never seen a stone effervesce unless someone was pouring acid on it!

5. Myth: “Sealing your stone will help with your efflorescence problem.”

Truth: We’ve heard so-called experts instruct people with an efflorescence problem to seal the stone as a remedy. This is wrong. Sealing will only block or reduce the pore size of the stone, which will not only cause more efflorescence, but it could also cause spalling, which is when the stone flakes at the surface.

Are You Cracked?

6. Myth: “That’s not a crack, it’s a fissure!”

Truth: Many fabricators will try to blame cracks that occur in stone installations on natural fissures that occur in the stone. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. If you look up the word “fissure” in the dictionary, guess what? A fissure is a crack. The distinction they are trying to make is between fissures, which are naturally occurring as part of the formation of the stone and cracks (more appropriately called “breaks”) caused by external forces on the stone. Of course, the most likely place for a break to occur is on a natural fissure. Consequently, definitions need to be clarified and the stone needs to be examined carefully to determine if natural fissures are at risk of becoming breaks during normal usage.

Would You Like Some Salad With That?

7. Myth: “To remove oil from stone, saturating it with water will force the oil out.”

Truth: Since it is true that oil floats on water, you would think this makes sense. But trust us, it doesn’t work. The oil is trapped in the pores of the stone and no amount of water is going to force it out. The best way to remove oil from stone is with a poultice and a degreasing chemical. For specifics and poulticing instructions, see www.stoneandtilepros.com/stain-removal-application/.

8. Myth: “Just use some vinegar and water to clean your marble or limestone.”

Truth: Generally folks in the stone business know better, however this is often recommended by tile installers. Don’t do it! Vinegar is an acid and will etch calcium-based stone. Marble and limestone are generally the most susceptible, but some types of granite will also be damaged by vinegar.

Stones Can Be So Vein!

9. Myth: “If it’s got veins, it’s marble.”

Truth: This is a fib we hear all the time. Many people in the industry believe that if a stone has veins, it must be marble. This is totally false. Veins can also be found in granite and limestone.

You Make Me Sick!

10. Myth: “Granite countertops harbor bacteria and emit harmful radon gas.”

Truth: This is absolutely FALSE! NIOSH and the CDC have no reports of granite or any other stone used as a countertop being unsafe. If stone were unsafe or unsanitary, why would it be used in food laboratories or sold as cutting boards? There has been no known proof of any illness caused by using stone as a countertop. And as for the rumors that granite contains harmful radon gas — there is so little radon in granite that you would have to live to be 10,000 years old for it to have an ill effect on you. There is likely more radon coming from the ground and the concrete that your house is built on.

This is one of a series of articles written and published  on behalf of Stone and Tile PRO Partners.

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Steve Temecula CA

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Justin did an amazing job color enhancing and sealing our slate floors. I called and met with several tile cleaning companies, but chose Justin because I felt he was the most honest, knowledgeable, and experienced. He took the time to explain different options and even showed me a small area before he continued with the entire floor. He spent hours prepping, cleaning, enhancing, and sealing our slate. His work paid off...our floors are finally gorgeous! He changed our dull, chalky looking slate by giving it a brilliant luster that enhances our home. I could not be more thrilled with the results. Bottom line, Justin did exactly what he said he would at the cost we agreed to and even changed his personal schedule to accommodate my schedule. He went above and beyond. In a time when I feel it is difficult to find good, honest, hardworking people to hire, Justin at JMC Tile and Grout has changed my mind. Thank you Justin!

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Justin came in and cleaned and resealed the grout on our floors. He was a very professional and easy person to talk to. He was also very helpful with other things around the house. Great guy and great job. Well done!!! Thank you!!!

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Justin did an excellent job of repairing a large crack in our kitchen granite. It was quite deep and covered a large area. Needless to say it was very noticeable and would have caused us to replace an entire slab of granite if we had not had it repaired. He spent almost an entire morning in the restoration. He was meticulous in his work, was able to match the color of the granite and it looks 100% better. In addition he resealed and polished all the rest of our granite countertops. We certainly would recommend him. He was professional, very neat and thorough. He arrived exactly on time, even though he had to drive an hour to reach us. He will certainly be someone we contact again if we need any more restoration or maintenance on our granite. We were delighted with his work. Cyndi M. Coronado

Cyndi Coronado CA

Justin is the man. My wife and I recently moved into our new home in Lake Elsinore, we thought that we would seal the grout on our floors and shower by ourselves. After realizing the size and scope of the grout sealing project we decided to contact an expert to get an estimate. I had read online that most tile companies charge about $1.00 per square foot so I had an idea how much the estimate would be. Justin came out the same day and gave my wife the estimate. Since we did not have any furniture in the house yet we asked if he could start the same day. It was already 2pm at that point and Justin was not sure if he had enough sealer with him to do the whole job. He agreed to start sealing the grout near the walls where the heavy furniture would be placed and come back later to finish the job another day. After he started sealing our grout he found more sealer in his work van and decided that he would just power through and finish the job for us the same day! We were thrilled with the entire experience. Justin is truly a tile and stone professional. When he was finished sealing the grout he also sealed our new granite counter tops. All I can say is, if we ever have a tile or stone job in the future, Justin is "our guy." Great service with top quality products and fair pricing, what more could you ask for? Also, at no point during the job did he attempt to up-sell us anything, as a matter of fact, he tried to lower his price once the job was finished but we wouldn't hear of it. We agreed to a set price and that is what he deserved. Thanks Justin, you saved us a lot of time and energy. I can sleep better at night knowing that our expensive new flooring is protected for many years to come. I would highly recommend JMC Stone & Tile to friends and family.

Lake Elsinore CA

Justin thank you so much for the wonderful job you did restoring my marble floor. Very professional and I will recommend your service to all our friends. Thank you Elizabeth, Riverside County

Elizabeth , Riverside County

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Gail Miller Temecula CA

Justin, I would like to thank you again for the excellent job you did repairing and retiling our marble tile table. I would definitely use your services again and recommend you to anyone needing stone or tile work done in Murrieta CA. Thank you, Heather Lumsden

Heather Lumsden Murrieta CA

We have been very pleased with the service that Justin has given us. The overall quality of his work was excellent. In one small area we had a slightly rough feel to the sealant he had applied to our granite countertops. Justin returned on the very day that we called him and quickly repaired it. This is a very courteous, professional, and above all, competent service in Murrieta CA. Thanks so much John Welniak

John Welniak. Murrieta CA

February 14, 2013 Justin We are absolutely thrilled with our new floor!!!! Yes, I say new floor because that is the way the whole house looks! It looks like brand new tile. Justin, you did a fabulous job! Thank You, Judy Nitti

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I accidentally spilled some cleaner on our marble vanity and made those awful etch marks. I called Justin at JMC Stone and Tile Care and he assured me that I didn't ruin my bathroom vanity. Thanks so much for removing those etch marks, we will definitely refer you to anyone in Wildomar CA.

J. Escarsega, Wildomar CA

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